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1. Dani Zvi Miller - maggio 10, 2008

Russia unfortunately is wanting more and more to be a superpower again, esp. the President who is totally controlled by Putin and doesn’t really have the last say at anything.
Putin must be shown that they cannot trust Iran and just like any other Arab country and the Chechnians they can turn against them overnight (Look how they didn’t keep their word with Israel and started an intifada because a contract with an infedal or imbicile as they see every non-muslim is meaningless to them) especially since Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas and plenty of oil. The U.S. conquering Iran and Saudi Arabia will be totally in Russia’s interest because it will be cremoving a potentional enemy and stablize oil prices which is also strangling Russia’s economy. The Americans will be doing the hard work for Russia without Russia needing to invest a cent.

Even if there is enough oil to excavate or algae that can be grown on a large a scale to produce enough biodiesel without affecting the food supply the infrastructure for this will takes years or
decades to achieve a replacement of the enormous oil and natural gas infrastructure.
What does the U.S. do in the mean time when it is in danger everyday that they will not have the loans to cover their enormous trade deficit and governmental deficit (In the trillions.)
In other words the biggest threat to the U.S. existence is not a terrorist per se but the destruction of its economy due to high oil and natural gas prices strangling the economy slowly but surely.

2. Michael Tim - febbraio 28, 2009

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3. Baudelaire86 - aprile 26, 2009

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4. ecosole - agosto 12, 2009

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5. Renato Caputo - agosto 17, 2010

Vorrei sapere se esiste un GRuppo di Sopravvivenza in Campania e come ci si può mettere in contatto. Io vivo ad Avellino. Grazie


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